Wed, 21 Oct, 2020

Queen allegedly throws shoes and a racket at Prince Philip

Queen allegedly throws shoes and a racket at Prince Philip

Despite the stoic front that is put on by members of the Royal Family, it appears that the Queen herself has a bit of a temper.

In a newly released biography called Prince Philip Revealed, author Ingrid Seward shares an argument between the Queen and husband Prince Philip while they were touring Australia in 1954.

According to the book, a camera operator was horrified to see Philip charging out of the couple’s chalet, “followed by a flying pair of tennis shoes and a racket and a very angry Queen shouting for him to come back. Then the indignant Queen grabbed hold of her husband and dragged him back inside.”

The pair were awarded a weekend off, but were still being followed by a camera crew who were filming a documentary about their tour. 

The book continues, saying there was a "stunned silence" before the royal press secretary said that the crew was to shut off their cameras or they would be arrested.

 The offending film was reportedly handed over and given to the monarch.

The Queen reportedly came out to meet the crew and thanked them for the film.

“I am sorry for that little interlude,” she said, according to the book. “But as you know it happens in every marriage. Now, what would you like me to do?”.

The incident was also shown in an episode of the Netflix series The Crown.

Author Seward writes that the couple has had their squabbles over the years despite being married for a shocking 73 years.

Philip could be “very tough” on the Queen and frequently called her a “bloody fool and accused her of talking rubbish,” Seward claims.

The Queen, perhaps used to being diplomatic, “seldom answered back but would change the subject and started talking in riddles that would divert him as he tried to figure out what she was talking about,” the book says.