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Prince Philip “rudest human I've ever met”

Prince Philip “rudest human I've ever met”

Just days after his frightening car crash which left two women injured, Prince Philip has been deemed the “rudest person ever” by controversial British TV host, Piers Morgan.

In a sour recount of an experience Morgan had with the 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh, he described Prince Philip as “breathtakingly offhand".

The terrible experience for the TV host happened over 20 years ago at Buckingham Palace, when he was invited to Prince Charles' 50th birthday celebration.

Morgan claims Prince Philip refused to shake his hand, “barking menacingly” to him, as the former tabloid journalist described it, “Who are you?”

At that time, Morgan was the editor for the Daily Mirror newspaper and had confessed to the royal that those surrounding him at that moment were tabloid journalists.

Morgan said he understood why the Prince would be so rude – scandals surrounding the royals were popular amongst tabloid journalists – but what shocked him most “was how he was prepared to be SO rude to someone who was an invited guest at his son’s birthday party".

“It gave me a rare personal insight into what a disagreeable character the grand old Duke can be when he chooses,” Morgan added.

Prince Philip has also come under fire from Emma Fairweather, a woman who broke her wrist last week in a car crash involving the Duke, whilst he was driving a Range Rover.

She has said she wants Prince Philip to be prosecuted and said he has not issued an apology to her since the incident that occurred on Thursday.

The woman also has labelled the royal as “highly insensitive and inconsiderate,” after he was seen driving without wearing a seatbelt just days after the car crash.

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