Wed, 20 Mar, 2019Courtney Allan

Prince Charles is ecstatic to be a “doting grandad” to Baby Sussex

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Sussex are reportedly as thick as thieves.

This clears the way for Prince Charles to play the doting grandfather, instead of the distance he has shown previously.

Five years ago, when Prince George was born, things were very different. Prince Charles was feeling excluded from Duchess Kate and Prince William’s first child, as the Duchess’ parents were more on hand.

As the 70-year-old had a more austere upbringing and was always away on royal business, he wasn’t the most present grandfather as he had little free time.

However, things have improved with the arrival of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Speaking to The Sun, a friend of Prince Charles has said: “At the time Prince George was born, Charles was less easy in the role of a grandfather.

“But now he welcomes each new arrival with a wider grin and even more open arms. He loves the happy chaos of it all.”

It helps that Duchess Meghan was extremely interested in the history of the family, which is something that Prince Charles was more than eager to share with her.

The friend went on to say, “He was captivated by Meghan when he first met her. He thought she was extremely intelligent, hardworking and impressive. They have a genuinely warm relationship.

“When she first moved to London Meghan was very interested in the history of the family. Art was the medium through which they talked about it. They have a lot in common. He has a natural affection for her.”

Prince Harry is delighted by the love between his father and his wife, especially when Prince Charles stepped up and offered to walk Duchess Meghan down the aisle after her father pulled out.

Scroll through the gallery above to see Prince Charles’ cutest moments as a grandfather.

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