Mon, 23 Nov, 2020

Mother of dumped Qatar airport baby found

Mother of dumped Qatar airport baby found

The parents of a baby girl who was left in a rubbish bin in an airport in Qatar have since been identified.

Officials confirmed that the mother is from an Asian country after DNA testing on the child.

She is also believed to have left the country before the discovery of her baby in the bin.

Prosecutors in Qatar has also slammed the airport police officers who ordered forced vaginal examinations of female passengers after finding the baby, saying that they face possible three-year prison sentences.

The incident sparked worldwide anger.

"Extensive investigations revealed that some employees of the Airport Security Department acted unilaterally by summoning female medical staff to conduct external examination to some female passengers, thinking that what they had done was within the law," a statement from prosecutors said.

The abandoned baby's mother also faces up to 15 years in prison if apprehended, as prosecutors say that DNA helped them identify her and the baby's father.

In Qatar, sex and childbirth outside marriage are criminalised, with others having abandoned their babies anonymously to avoid imprisonment.

Other migrant workers in the past have also hidden pregnancies and tried to travel abroad to give birth.