Courtney Allan


Wed, 30 Oct, 2019

“Dangerous nuisance animal”: Man accused of ripping kookaburra's head off named and shamed

“Dangerous nuisance animal”: Man accused of ripping kookaburra's head off named and shamed

The lawyer for a Perth man who is alleged to have ripped the head off beloved Kevin the Kookaburra has called the bird a “dangerous nuisance animal” that should have been dealt with by the Parkerville Tavern much earlier.

The Parkerville Tavern is where the man is alleged to have grabbed the local favourite known as Kevin, ripped his head off and thrown the bird under the table.

Ross Williamson said that his client Daniel Welfare had left the country after a barrage of death threats and attacks over last week’s killing via social media.

However, Williamson would not confirm whether or not his client was guilty of being responsible for the death of Kevin.

He has also issued restraining orders to two women who he has accused of issuing an “online vigilante campaign” against his client.

However, the women said that they will not stop until Welfare is brought to justice.

Tania Scheulin, witness to the incident, has been outspoken about this.

“I will never stop until the person that did this has some repercussions for it, charged by police or gets a fine.”

However, Williamson has said that he has previous information relating to Kevin’s behaviour at the Tavern and that kookaburras are an invasive species in WA.

"The kookaburra is an invasive species in WA," he said to 9News.

"Until recently you could shoot them with impunity and people used to do that and get a community service award for doing that sort of thing.

"This particular bird I have reports about. It has attacked children. It's injured the faces of children... this bird is - or was - a dangerous nuisance animal and the Parkerville Tavern should have done something to deal with it."

He has also criticised the state government’s role in the case.

"I noticed the Police Commissioner, with the Police Minister at his side, called a press conference saying they are going to prosecute my client over the demise of a pest - a harmful, nuisance bird," he said.

"I hear nothing about the police investigating and prosecuting people for making threats to harm, kill and rape my clients.

"I call on the police to do that - to investigate this criminal vigilante."