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“Complete joke”: Wallabies World Cup “disgraceful” move

“Complete joke”: Wallabies World Cup “disgraceful” move

Wallabies star Samu Kerevi has said he would consider a switch to the NRL after being penalised for a controversial tactic - a move that contributed to Australia’s 29-25 loss on Sunday. 

The sportsman was whistled for a penalty after his fend-off of Welsh fly half Rhys Patchell appeared to slip up to the opponents throat. 

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Captain Michael Hooper became clearly frustrated after the third penalty was awarded against the Wallabies in the first half. 

The match referee Romain Poite’s explanation for the penalty was given following an extensive number of replays. 

Samu Kerevi was penalised for leading with the arm against Wales' Rhys Patchell.

They deemed Kerevi had dangerously raised his forearm into Patchell's chest/neck area.

However, he believes he has done nothing wrong and slow motion replays had worked against him. 

"I've been playing with that for my whole career. It's the first time I've heard that I can't lead with my arms and bump," he said.

"The worrying thing is if he's falling and I keep moving forward, which I would normally do, I could touch his head."

"What do we do in that split second? ... I might as well just stop."

While Patchell missed the resulting penalty kick, Wales scored a dubious try on a missed offside call just seconds before half time. 

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Wales led 23-8 at the break and Fox Sports commentator Phil Kearns shared his opinion on the officiating clear.

“The whole refereeing display has been disgraceful,” Kearns said.

“Just embarrassing.”

Hoover couldn’t hold back his own fury after the penalty was called by Poite and TMO. 

“Can we not run into the tackle anymore?” he asked.

“That is terrible tackle technique, he’s (Kerevi) just done a very good carry.

“We can’t carry if that’s going to be the ruling.”

Wallabies fans took to social media to share their own opinions with one deeming Poite’s call as a “horrible decision”.