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Vintage-loving couple shun modern day life for 1940s style

Vintage-loving couple shun modern day life for 1940s style

A British couple have shunned the bells and whistles of modern life to embrace a more old-fashioned lifestyle. 

Ruth Shelley, 28, and Robert Oestmann, 27, from the West Midlands share a love of all things vintage and have redecorated their home to match. 

Not only do they wear old-fashioned clothing, listen to wartime music on their gramophone, and refuse to own a TV, but they even own a vintage car.

Image credit: Instagram @vintage.robb

Robert is a keen home cook, and often experiments with recipes that date back to the 1700s when not making a living selling whiskey.

Ruth, a research historian, has praised their unique vintage lifestyle for having a beneficial impact on their relationship.

She said, “Robert and I dress like this all of the time as we are in love with the style. Robert mainly wears a suit and flat cap whereas I may wear clothing from 1930s to 1940s.”

The couple is intrigued with history and have been known to turn heads on the street with their distinctive style. 

Image credits: Instagram @ladyadepha

Ruth said, “This style isn't something you could wear if you are shy as we do get stared at a lot. We don't mind at all and it's often positive feedback.”

Robert said a lot of his inspiration comes from watching old films and reading old books with his grandparents as a child. 

Ruth said, “In our spare time, we read, talk or Robert cooks and I help. We have a few original cookbooks which are interesting from a historical point of view.”

Image credits: Instagram @ladyadepha

One of Robert’s favourite dishes is Depression Era Meat Loaf from 1938, whereas Ruth likes to make Welsh cakes on a griddle. 

The couple both claim that their lifestyle has had a positive impact on their lives and forces them to live in the present.  

Ruth said, “For us, this lifestyle works best and is beneficial for our relationships. It works for us as we are present in the moment as opposed to glued to Netflix or on our phones.”

Image credits: Instagram @ladyadepha @vintage.robb