Retirement Life

Retired couples, have your say

Retired couples, have your say

As we approach retirement, we face a new and often drastic change in our lives. From cutting down on work to downsizing, this new stage of life can signal the start of a healthy and enjoyable period of your life or one that offers no direction.

To combat this, we are encouraged to save for retirement, pursue hobbies and learn new skills, and stay in touch with friends, loved ones, and our wider community. 

But there is one aspect of life that many of us look past that can have a significant effect on our retirement years.

The answer: our romantic partners.

Two-thirds of Australian retirees are in relationships where they live with a significant other, but the impact of our significant others on us (and vice versa) is less well understood.

Researchers investigate the impact of our personal relationships

Ayeesha Abbasi, a PhD candidate at the Australian National University (ANU) College of Business and Economics is looking to improve our understanding of retirement and how our experiences are shaped by our personal relationships. Specifically, she is investigating the influence of partners on each other as they transition into and experience retirement.

Have your say

To do this, cohabiting couples who have retired completely, semi-retired, or otherwise left the workforce are invited to participate in a survey. Hearing from both partners will help to better understand the influence partners have on each other. Both partners can complete the Couples in Retirement Survey and answer questions regarding how you feel about retirement, relationships, health, social support, and more.

To participate, and contribute to important research, take the time to head here.