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Huge travel no-no: Woman tries to claim six resort sunbeds before 7am

Huge travel no-no: Woman tries to claim six resort sunbeds before 7am

A TikTok user has angered holidaymakers after dumping water bottles and towels on six vacant sunbeds at a resort in Hawaii to ‘reserve’ them before 7am. 

The clip was shared by an American mother impersonating people who shamelessly scatter their belongings across rows of sunbeds before walking away to return later.

The video, which has racked up over two million views, was captioned, “We all know that one person at the resort.”

In the video, she walks around the poolside resort area and vigorously throws her personal belongings across the lounges, as the time stamp reads 6:55am

The video sparked a slew of angry online comments, with many people branding the poor etiquette as the ultimate holiday sin. 

One person said, “I would be moving her stuff,” while another joked, “Ahh the vacation Karen.”

One commenter said they would “move their stuff” if they didn't turn up after an hour, while another remarked, “I go on vacation to get away from people like this.”

Despite the comment section being flooded with angry remarks, some people admitted they have been guilty of the same actions while on their holidays. 

One person commented, “Nothing wrong with reserving a few chairs. I've done this. Early bird gets the worm - that's what you get for sleeping until 10!”

Another wrote, “I think this is ok and I'm ok with other people doing it. They worked for it by waking early.”

Image credits: TikTok