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Family offers $1million reward for missing heiress

Family offers $1million reward for missing heiress

The family searching for the missing heiress Juanita Nielsen has offered up a $1 million reward for anyone who may have information on her disappearance.

Juanita, who was 38 when she was seen for the last time, owned the alternative newspaper NOW which, over 46 years ago, she used to rally against developers who were wanting to build on protected heritage buildings in Potts Point.

She also used her magazine to promote the Builders Labourers Federation’s controversial green bans during the 70s.

Juanita was last ever seen at the nightclub Carousel Cabaret in Kings cross on the early morning of July 4, 1975.

The club was run by a man who allegedly had close ties to notorious underworld crime boss Abe Saffron.

While Juanita’s family, nor investigators can confirm why she mysteriously disappeared all those years ago, her living relatives are desperate to find answers.

It is widely believed she was kidnapped and murdered due to her anti-development and anti-corruption campaigns which she broadcasted loudly.

A coronial inquiry in 1983 found Ms Nielson, who was also an heiress to the Mark Foy's retail empire, had likely died.

However, what perhaps is the most shocking and mystifying part of this case, is that despite its extraordinary publicity – a body, nor more information has ever been uncovered.

Her family say they are desperate to give Juanita a proper burial with her cousin Francis Foy appealing for any information about her suspected murder.

"Juanita was very much loved by her family and very much missed," Mr Foy said on Monday.

"Her disappearance and the unknown of what happened to her caused incredible pain for her family."

Homicide Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty said in a statement that it was unlikely they would be able to collect any further forensic evidence or witness statements, but that hope is not lost.

"In turn, it has also become difficult for police to target known persons of interest or associates due to their passing," he said in a statement.

"However, it is our hope that someone in the community may have information about Juanita's disappearance, or the location of her remains."