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5 fool-proof ways to achieve a spectacular garden

5 fool-proof ways to achieve a spectacular garden

When it comes to maintaining your garden, not everyone is a self-proclaimed green thumb.

A lot of different environmental and financial factors can alter the progress and growth of a healthy outdoor space. 

But with these five tips, anyone can become an expert gardener in a few simple steps to have your garden thriving!

Plan your garden

The key to a successful garden is planning and structuring before you even start.

You should know what type of soil you’re dealing with before you head to your local nursery to find plants that will work best. 

You will also need to make sure you choose the right plants that will thrive in your garden outside, as well as what will work best in inside spaces. 

So get planning, and talk to the professionals at your local nursery for fool-proof advice. 

Buy plants that are difficult to kill

There are extensive ranges of low maintenance plants that are notoriously difficult to kill. 

Renowned horticulturalist Mike Wells says there are many plants that are happy soaking in the sun without being regularly watered. 

“People need to remember to check on their gardens and their indoor plants. Most indoor plants can last a week without watering but they need a quality potting mix,” he said.

Mike says one of his go-to and easy-to-please plants is succulents, for both indoors and outdoors, as they don’t need daily watering and can be very inexpensive.

‘Set and forget’ plants

Some gardeners are turning to growing their own fresh produce, as they require a lot less maintenance. 

These ‘set and forget’ plants are a great long-term investment, and do not need constant monitoring in larger garden beds

Having fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs straight from your own backyard is a huge win financially, as well as for your kitchen!

Supercharging your plants

In order to maintain a healthy, weed-free garden, mulching is a must. 

Mike Wells says that adding mulch to ornamental gardens can be a lifesaver by extending the longevity of all plants. 

“Cypress pine wood chips are best to 50 to 75mm deep. For a vegetable garden, these would be too coarse, so a chopped lucerne or fine sugar cane mulch to no deeper than 50mm is recommended,” says Mike.

“For the gardeners who don’t want to fertilise often, choose a controlled release plus organics product which should only need light incorporation every six months.”

Self-watering plants

For the tech-savvy gardener, self-watering systems can be a lifesaver. 

No more having to schedule watering your plants, and worrying if they are getting enough water, as smart systems take the hassle out for you. 

They reduce the amount of water you need for the garden. Just set up the automatic timer and away you go.

There are multiple options when deciding on an indoor or outdoor plant watering system. Some are so high tech you can operate them using a mobile phone.

These systems, combined with carefully planning and maintaining your garden, are destined to have your garden blooming all year round.

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