“Petty and immature”: Would you do this? Bride unleashes on guest

“Petty and immature”: Would you do this? Bride unleashes on guest

An anonymous bride took to social media platform Reddit to share a disastrous experience that came to a head on her wedding day. 

The bride said she found a photo of the gown her sister-in-law planned to wear on her mother-in-law’s phone - an outfit which was kept hidden from her until it was accidentally discovered. 

“I don’t know what it is but it looks like they’re either jealous or just sabotaging the wedding,” the bride wrote.

“We’ve had no problems in the past...This is just a tiny part of a long list [of issues]. Wearing white with lace is just an a-hole move.”

The upset bride explained she wanted to overlook her SIL’s inappropriate choice of attire but felt the colour choice was an “intentional” jab. 

“Even if it’s just a white cocktail dress I wouldn’t mind. It’s the combination of white and lace...If she wore the dress in blush I really wouldn’t care,” she added.

The anonymous bride shared a picture of the dress to the forum prior to the wedding and went on to post an update of the outfit after the big day. 

The post which has since gained hundreds of comments and reactions has been labelled by many as “petty and immature.”

"You don't outclass the bride. It's her day," one user wrote. 

"The fact that she’s not showing you the picture means she knows what she’s doing is wrong," another commented. 

Wedding blog Ivory Tribe told 10 daily it comes down to the couple’s decision about whether or not it is suitable to wear white to a wedding. 

"The couple might not give a damn, but traditionally speaking -- its polite to leave wearing white to the bride," they said.

"Except on the occasion that the bride and groom request that their guests adhere to their all-white dress code, showing up in the shade is generally frowned up."

The blog advises wedding attendees to check with the bride and groom first if they have their eye on an outfit they are unsure about.