King Carl of Sweden strips five grandchildren of royal status

King Carl of Sweden strips five grandchildren of royal status

The King of Sweden has stripped five of his grandchildren of their royal status as the monarchy faces increasing amounts of pressure to cut back on annual bills.

The children, aged between one and five, are the offspring of two of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s younger children – Prince Carl and his wife Sofia, and US-based Princess Madeleine and her husband Christopher O’Neill.

The children will still be a part of the royal family, but will be forced to drop their titles of His and Her Royal Highness. They will also not be able to use taxpayer’s money.

Princess Madeleine said that the change “has been planned for a long time” and it would allow her three children a “greater opportunity to shape their own lives”.

Carl and Sofia were also thrilled with the decision, saying: “We see this as positive as Alexander and Gabriel will have freer choices in life”.

The family has come under fire as of late after their expenditure was reaching enormous amounts.

Currently, taxpayers are forking out $21 million annually to help the monarchy fund their lifestyles.

According to the Swedish royal court’s top official, Frederik Wersall, the royal family understood and had accepted the need for change.

“We have a large royal family. If you include the next generation, there are currently 10 people in the line of succession,” he told Swedish media.

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