Fri, 4 Jan, 2019Basmah Qazi

Heartwarming moment husband surprises wife of 67 years with new engagement ring

Heartwarming moment husband surprises wife of 67 years with new engagement ring

Patricia May Johnson was in for a surprise after her husband of 67 years gifted her with a new engagement ring on Christmas Day.

Surrounded by family, Patricia, 85, couldn’t contain her happiness as she unwrapped her present to reveal a stunning diamond engagement ring with a matching wedding band.

The couple tied the knot 67 years ago, but the beautiful gesture brought a wave of emotion for Patricia as she had lost her original ring a year earlier.

A video of the touching moment was shared on social media as footage shows the couple giving each other a peck on the lips as their family witness the joyous occasion.

After injuring her hand 12 months ago, Patricia was unable to wear her original ring due to swelling, and once she healed, the ring had been misplaced.

Despite placing the ring in a jewellery box at the nursing home the couple reside in, the valuable item went missing.

Which is why, when Christmas came around, Don knew that a new ring would make the perfect gift.

“Dad asked me to take him shopping to buy mom a new engagement ring and wedding band,” the couple’s daughter, Diane Hawkins told Global News.

“We had to lie to get him out of the nursing home,” she said, as she revealed they used the excuse of a speech appointment to help him choose the “perfect ring”.

It was no easy feat, as the pair are said to be inseparable, so Patricia was adamant that she should come along – but the family succeeded, and Don was able to go to the jewellery store without her.

The couple have seven children together and after 67 years of marriage, Diane claims that the pair are still very much in love.

“It’s their love that just pulled them back together, always.”