Dannii Minogue opens up about being “pitted” against Kylie

Dannii Minogue opens up about being “pitted” against Kylie

In a candid interview, Dannii Minogue has revealed just what it was like to be the little sister of one of the biggest pop stars in the world, admitting it was anything but easy.

When the sisters first started out and Kylie blew up into stardom, Dannii told You magazine she felt a lot of judgement when she moved home to Australia from the UK in the 90s.

The Masked Singer judge said that during that era, supermodels such as Kate Moss were the norm on magazine covers and that “wasn’t her”.

“I was definitely pitted against my sister: ‘She’s thin and perfect and you’re not, you’re fat and…’ – I’ve had every word said to me. It was difficult,” Dannii said.

The Aussie singer said she and her big sisters were forced to discuss their issues as she didn’t want it to consume all of their time together.

Dannii also touched on being a mentor on shows such as X Factor in the UK, revealing it taught her a lot about herself and being a mother.

“My sister had always said she definitely wanted to have kids, whereas I never thought I would. At all. So then it’s weird that I have a son and she doesn’t have kids – you just never know how it’s going to turn out,” she said.

Dannii has a 10-year-old son Ethan, who she shares with British model Kris Smith.

Dannii now lives in Melbourne.

Her return home caused uproar after it was revealed she and her son quarantined at a Gold Coast residence instead of at a government-mandated hotel.

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Queensland’s Health Minister Steven Miles confirmed on ABC radio that Dannii was in isolation at a private home with Ethan.

The pair returned from the United States, but were not forced to stay in a hotel for 14 days.

It is believed she was granted permission by the Queensland government to head straight to the Gold Coast property.

She admitted to TV Week that homeschooling her son was “the hardest” part of lockdown.

"Seriously, I would do live TV any day of the week rather than try to be a teacher for my son,” she said.

"I'm Googling non-stop.

“I even called his teacher to ask how she does that each day and then go home to two kids, but she reassured me it's always harder to teach her own kids."