Calling all canine heroes: Bold new venture from Duchess Kate's baby brother

The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother is known for his love of dogs, mentioning in the past how his four-legged friends helped him cope with his depression.

Now, James Middleton is wanting to shed light on mental illness, using dogs as a driving force for change.

Taking to Instagram, James announced the he’s partnering with the Kennel Club U.K. and the dog show it organises, Crufts, to give the loyal companion the honour they deserve.

“I have spoken publicly about the positive impact dogs have had in my life,” he said as he sat with two of his five dogs. “Now, I want to hear your stories … I want to celebrate unsung canine heroes, who deserve to be recognised for the amazing impact they have on their owner’s lives.”

He then invited fans to submit their deserving dogs to the Kennel Club’s “Friends for Life” competition, in one of five categories: Extraordinary life of a working dog, hero support dog, best friends, child’s companion and rescue dog hero. He will be reading through all of the submissions before meeting the finalists at Crufts in 2020.

This isn’t the first time James has celebrated his dogs, as he regularly shows them off on his Instagram page. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see James with his furry friends.