Calls for Prince Harry to be cut from line of succession

Calls for Prince Harry to be cut from line of succession

As news spread about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle being stripped of their remaining patronages after their permanent split from the royal family, attention turned to his place in line to the throne.

Prince Harry, 36, is currently sixth in line to the British Throne, which has not been impacted by his permanent exit from the royal family.

A poll, conducted by YouGov, found that 49 per cent of British people believe he should lose his place.

Meghan and Harry were once the most popular royals, but many aren't happy with the couple's decision to leave the royal family and profit off commercial duties.

This was also the case when Express UK did a poll that asked "Has your opinion of Meghan and Harry changed one year after Megxit?"

79 per cent of the 25,816 voters said "yes, for the worst", which is 20,342 voters.

People who voted no took to the comments to explain why.

"Yes my opinion of them has changed, now I see them for the fame hungry, money grabbing grifters that they are," one reader explained.

"Yes, yes it has, my opinion of them is even lower than it was then, and believe me it was already pretty low then," another agreed.

"We never had a good opinion of her. Love is blind, everyone else isn't," a third said.