Mon, 16 Apr, 2018Fiona Tomarchio

The one thing Prince Harry can do that Prince William can’t

The one thing Prince Harry can do that Prince William can’t

During the courtship of Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle, eagle-eyed royal watchers have been quick to observe just how affectionate they are. The loving couple have won hearts all around the world with their obvious adoration for one another.

While comparisons were made when Prince Harry and Meghan’s official engagement photos and interview were released versus his big brother Prince William’s more formal announcement with Kate Middleton – even his father Prince Charles’s engagement to his mother Princess Diana, who stood side-by-side, smiling awkwardly and Diana looking shyly down – it seems the newest royal couple appearing like high school sweethearts is set to continue.

Prince Harry And Meghan Holding Hands

Why is it we barely see a glimpse of hand-holding from the rest of the royal family?

There is a good reason for it. According to 9Honey’s royal correspondent, Victoria Arbiter, it all comes down to the royal family tree.

Arbiter says, “Partly, it’s Harry’s place in line to the throne. There’s a formality that he’s allowed to step back from, to a degree.”

Referring to his parents’ engagement in the early 1980s, Arbiter said, “As the first in line to the throne, there was a certain decorum expected of (Prince Charles).”

Prince Charles And Princess Diana

Prince William And Kate Hands Clapsed

And it’s a similar situation for Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, his wife of seven years.

“You see them every now and then (get affectionate),” Arbiter stated.

“Harry and Meghan have just sort of blown it out of the water. They’re hugging all the time. Holding hands all the time. She’s reaching for him. By nature, the two of them are very tactile.

“It will be interesting to see if that continues post-wedding,” Arbiter mused.