Fri, 17 Nov, 2017Georgia Dixon

Duchess Kate reveals: William struggled with being a dad

Duchess Kate reveals: William struggled with being a dad

Earlier in the week, Prince William quipped that he needs “toothpicks to keep my eyes open because of the kids,” and it seems wife Kate can attest to his fatherhood struggles.

During a visit to Family Action, a care centre for new and expecting parents, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed to new dad Billy that it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the second-in-line to the throne.

According to the Telegraph, the mother-of-two said her husband wasn’t really sure what to do when he first became a dad.

“She was saying William was sort of similar and I just wanted to let her know how Family Action have been there for me and I think they need more support,” Billy said.

The mother of his own child had left the baby with him, saying she already had two kids and couldn’t care for a third.

“I was under mental health [issues] myself, I was suffering from severe depression and I thought I’m not going to let my daughter go into care, I’m going to step up and do this – I managed to turn myself around. I’ve been doing it from day one at the hospital, fed her her first bottle.”

The Duchess also spoke with the mum of a boy around the same age as George, and the two young mothers bonded over their sons’ shared love of planes and helicopters.

“She was asking about what Jacob liked and he said he liked aeroplanes and she was asking if he’d seen a Spitfire and we said we liked going to the Science Museum and RAF museum. She was saying how George likes helicopters, she was saying about the top floor of the Science Museum where the helicopters are.”