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Prince Albert of Monaco’s two older children pictured together for the first time

Prince Albert of Monaco’s two older children pictured together for the first time

Prince Albert of Monaco is the father to four children but his oldest two children have lived the life of commoners.

Prince Albert’s older two children, first-born daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 25, and his first-born son Alexandre Coste, 14, have lived the life of commoners as they were born out of wedlock.

Article 10 of the Constitution of Monaco states that children born out of wedlock cannot inherit the throne so Prince Albert’s twins with Charlene of Monaco, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, have been his only offspring to be raised as royals.  

Despite their alienation from royal life, Jazmin and Alexandre still share a loving sibling bond.

This week, Jazmin shared a touching photo on Instagram to celebrate her younger brother’s birthday.

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Writing a French message to her half-sibling, Jazmin wrote, “Happy birthday my brother!! Fourteen years old!!!"

Alexandre replied to the photo with two heart emojis saying, “Thanks sis."


Jazmin was conceived when her mother, Tamara Rotolo, had a three-week romance with Prince Albert during a holiday to the French Riviera in 1991.

When Jazmin was 14 years old, her father publicly acknowledged her as his daughter.

In 2015, Jazmin told Harper’s Bazaar, “I was 14, getting ready to go to high school, when it hit the media that my father had a daughter, and it was me.”

“It's a difficult time for any young adult, and it was an adjustment to have that attention. But I knew it was going to come someday.”

"I wanted that moment to connect with my father, to get to know him, and to have him get to know me," she said.

“Not having had that figure around, I missed that. It's wonderful that it happened when it did, and we've been enjoying a great relationship ever since.”

Alexandre was born in 2003, after Prince Albert shared a secret six-year relationship with flight attendant Nicole Coste.

The four children have never been pictured all together but Jazmin explained that she loves being the big sister of the twins.

“I can't wait to be a sister to them and watch them grow up. They have these beautiful, big blue eyes – and they are both already so well behaved," she said.