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Thu, 14 Mar, 2019Joanita Wibowo

The genius $3 hack to clean your ceiling fans

The genius $3 hack to clean your ceiling fans

Some chores are less pleasant to deal with than others – and cleaning ceiling fans falls into that category. With the big size and the high position, they are one of the biggest dust traps in the house. It’s an ordeal to take out a ladder and clean them, but if left alone, they may spread dirt and dust around the room.

A cleaning hack to solve the issue has gone viral, and it involves just one item – a pillowcase!

To dust off the fans, simply cover a pillow case over the blades and slide it off. The dirt will get caught up inside the case instead of floating down in chunks, and all the corners of the blades will be covered.

Afterwards, you can throw the dust and dirt off to the bin and wash the pillowcase.

This trick will help you keep the fans spotless in your home, while giving an extra purpose to your old pillowcases. Alternatively, you can pick up a pillowcase from a discount store for as cheap as $3.

For a tougher clean, add water and white vinegar into the mix. Fill a spray bottle with water and two tablespoons of vinegar, and spritz the mixture into the pillowcase.

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