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The $3 oven cleaning hack people are loving

The $3 oven cleaning hack people are loving

No one likes cleaning. It’s mundane and usually requires a lot of physical exertion.

But when it comes to kitchen appliances, nothing is more exasperating than cleaning ovens.

It’s a necessary chore to ensure our kitchens are sparkling, and one savvy woman shared a clever hack on how to keep your oven looking as good as new – and it only costs $3.

Taking to the Mums Who Clean Facebook page, the woman shared photos of her oven which hadn’t been scrubbed for the last nine years.

Next to it, was another photo with the oven looking pristine, almost as if she bought it yesterday.

“Look what happened,” she wrote.

“I used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and a nylon scouring pad inside the oven.”

Having stunned other members of the group, her hack proved to be a success with people rushing to test the two-step trick out for themselves.

The acidic solution works best when the oven is still warm and has been an old favourite for those who want to get their oven’s looking squeaky clean.

She also had a nifty hack for getting her oven racks back to their original state.

“For the door and the racks, I soaked in the bath tub with dishwasher tablet wrapped in foil,” she said.

With the help of a dishwasher tablet, aluminium foil and a bath tub or kitchen sink, the woman was able to remove all the built-up grime effortlessly.

But to get the best results, there is a specific method one should follow as explained by another user.

“Wrap the tray with al-foil and put in a sink big enough or even the bath and submerge in hot water. Then place a dishwasher tablet on top,” she said.

“Then let soak for a few hours or overnight depending on how bad the build-up is. You may need a little scrub afterwards but it mostly all just wipes off easily.”

It’s also crucial that the dishwasher tablet is balanced on top according to other mums in the group.

The hack was a success, as members were taken aback by the brilliant results.

One person said: “Amazing! Well done! Plus, no overpowering oven cleaner required! I hate that stuff, it restricts my breathing.”

“I can’t believe it looks so good with only that,” wrote another.

Speaking to news.com.au, Tracey Bailey, founder of eco-friendly website Biome, said that the vinegar and bicarb cleaning trick is one that she swears by.

“Cleaning brands will smack you in the face with their chemical fumes,” she said.

“For a cheaper option and a 100 per cent toxin-free alternative, I’d recommend mixing bicarb soda with white vinegar.”

Will you be trying out this clever hack? Let us know in the comments below.