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Wed, 3 Oct, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Prince Charles and Camilla's extreme laundry ritual leaves royal fans baffled

Prince Charles and Camilla's extreme laundry ritual leaves royal fans baffled

For most people, ironing is a dreaded chore that, if possible, would be avoided at all costs. But no one has it as hard as the staff members who work for the royal family.

While the British royals are known to live the high life, it has recently been revealed that a single bed sheet for members of the family must be ironed for at least one hour as there cannot be a single crease visible and people are baffled at the revelation.

Queen of the World – the new documentary that shows an exclusive preview into the lives of the royal family – featured one segment that showed just how much effort was needed when Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, stayed in Canada at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

To ensure the couple have a comfortable experience, their bed linen must be crease free and immaculate.

“There are special sheets that are used for members of the royal family and they’re kept aside and brought out on only those special occasions when they’re here,” said Christine MacIntyre, the master of the household.

“It takes over an hour to iron one sheet … After a long day of travelling there’s nothing better than getting into a bed that doesn’t feel like a hotel bed,” she says.

“And that’s what you’re trying to do, is to make it feel like they’re in their own bedroom and they are.”

And it isn’t the responsibility of one person to iron out each crease, as there are two people working together to ensure the sheet is smooth.

After the segment aired, viewers took to social media to air their opinions on the protocol.

“Over an hour to iron a bed sheet?! Bet the Royals wouldn’t even notice if it didn’t happen. #QueenoftheWorld,” one viewer wrote.

“Stick [it] in the tumble dryer. It’ll be fine,” another said.

Do you think ironing one sheet for an hour is excessive? Let us know in the comments below.