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How should your cutlery drawer be arranged? Huge debate sparks online

How should your cutlery drawer be arranged? Huge debate sparks online

A New Zealander has unwittingly set off a furious debate about how one should arrange their cutlery drawer, in a post on social media platform Reddit. Should it be a left-right configuration of fork, knife, spoon? Or knife, fork, spoon? And which direction do you place the head of the cutlery?

The post was headlined: “How does NZ arrange the cutlery drawer?”

“How is the cutlery drawer arranged in your kitchen?” they wrote.

“My whole life I’ve gone with the (L-R) fork, knife, spoon configuration (teaspoons below) but have stayed places where knives are on the far left.”

“What’s the setup at your place?”

As it turns out, people are very passionate when it comes to their cutlery configuration of choice, with hundreds giving their opinion. Some became quite angry about the issue voicing some very cutting commentary. “I actually get so irate over this,” said one Reddit user.

One person spoke of a familiar cutlery situation many of us will be familiar with – both order and chaos.

“Large knives, knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons at the bottom,” they said of their ordered drawer. “And then other two drawers a mess of utensils until you have a clean out every three years, because you just can’t find the f***ing quarter cup.”

Another user agreed, saying, “This is the standard my household follows.”

And one person praised the owner of the cutlery drawer as a “cultured individual with a fine taste in cutlery organisation”.

But the debate was far from over. The utensil talk became even more controversial with the issue of which direction you should place the head of your knives, spoons and forks. Should it be towards the drawer handle or to the back of the drawer?

“What sort of animal would arrange the handles towards the back of the drawer?” wrote one person.

But as another Reddit user pointed out, “If all the handles are at the front then all forks, knives and spoons look the same.”

However, another commenter admitted their cutlery drawer was “pure chaos”.

“I just throw them all in the drawer together, no organisation, pure chaos,” they wrote. When someone branded the disrupter a “monster” they replied, “Survival of the fittest.”

How do you arrange your cutlery drawer? Let us know in the comments section below