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3 simple ways to reduce dust in your home

3 simple ways to reduce dust in your home

Dust. The bane of everyone’s existence. It seems that no matter how many times you remove the pesky particles from your home, they always manage to come back stronger than ever.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to live a dust-free life permanently, there are ways to reduce to amount you’re surrounded with – which isn’t great for your health either.

1. Take your shoes off

Believe it or not, shoes bring about a lot of dust, and it makes sense as to why. The same shoes you’ve been parading around in the great outdoors are sure to bring unwelcome visitors inside the home.

The easiest way to follow this step is to keep a shoe rack besides your door, so as soon as you walk towards the entryway, you’re reminded to remove any footwear.

2. Wash your bed sheets weekly

Now this is something everyone should be doing anyway. Bedsheets are breeding grounds for dust and bacteria. With dead skin accumulating on your comforter, it’s important to give it a good wash every week.

Dust is made predominantly from dead skin, and while it sounds disgusting, it may be the motivation you need to wash your sheets.

3. Vacuum upholstery

Upholstered furniture and décor looks beautiful inside the home, but attracts dust like nothing else. That doesn’t mean you should get rid of everything inside your house, but instead, give your sofas, curtains and mattresses a good blast with the vacuum to suck everything right up.