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Wed, 11 Jul, 2018Danielle McCarthy

10 more uses for Sunlight soap from the Over60 community

10 more uses for Sunlight soap from the Over60 community

Sunlight soap was the world’s first packaged and branded laundry soap, being introduced by the Lever Brothers in 1884. Since then, it has continued to impress customers with its quality and many uses. We shared with you surprising uses for Sunlight soap and now, the Over60 community have shared 10 more ingenious uses for Sunlight soap.

1. Laundry

“I remember my Grandmother using this for laundry, cleaning and used it for the bath and washing dishes. Soap went into basket, locked it shut then as the water ran over it make suds… sunlight soap is amazing.” – Susan Lyzwa

2. Shampoo

“I always used it to wash hair when we were young... it was remarkable how soft it left our hair too… no conditioner in those days.” – Marlee Marley

3. Remove stains

“Fancy expensive stain removers are not necessary. Cold water and Sunlight soap rubbed on any stains or marks, before placing item in the washing machine will do the trick.” – Fran Doyle

4. Discipline naughty children

“I remember having my mouth washed out with it for saying ‘bloody’. That was 55 years ago, and I never said it again in front of my Mum. I can still taste it!!” – Carolyn Korlaki

5. Remove splinters

“As a child I had a lot of splinters. My nan mixed grated Sunlight soap and sugar to form a paste, place it on my finger then bandage it... later you would feel it drawing the splinter out, no tears.” – Lois Boon

6. Clean pets

“Old vet told me to use it on my dog years ago when he had some sort of mite rash on his skin. It fixed it.” – Ellie Tarver 

7. Treat grazes

“Very effective for those who get nasty grazes whilst playing various sports. Only 'treat' with Sunlight soap and it will clear up very quickly!” – Robyn Hern 

8. Stop cramps

“Stops the cramps when you put it between the sheets, old wives’ tale but it works for me.” – Penny Button 

“Put a cake of Sunlight soap under your pillow. Helps with pain, funny but true. Try it.” – Rhonda McWilliam

9. Treat boils

“Sunlight soap, little water and white sugar makes a paste. It fixes sores, boils and draws out splinters.” – Patti Cloake

10. Firelighter

“Nanna used to cut chunks of it to put into the wood fired copper.” – Maureen Snelson

What are your favourite uses for Sunlight soap? Let us know in the comments below.