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Mon, 19 Feb, 2018Melody Teh

Why Meghan Markle is struggling to adjust to royal life

Why Meghan Markle is struggling to adjust to royal life

Meghan Markle is struggling to adjust to royal life as she prepared to wed Prince Harry in May.

The former actress moved to London last year before announcing her engagement to the prince.

Although she has been praised for her confident demeanour at royal events and proved popular with crowds of fans, Meghan is said to feel “overwhelmed” by the prospect of her new life as a member of the royal family, according to royal insiders.

"Meghan may appear confident when on royal walkabouts, but she does have some pre-wedding butterflies – not about Harry, but about her new life," a source told the Mail on Sunday.

And she has turned to Harry's stepmother Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, for advice.

"As Diana once famously said, 'there is no manual', so Camilla is the best thing Meghan has. Camilla is happy to help,” the insider continues.

The 36-year-old has also been turning to future sister-in-law Kate Middleton, who had 10 years to adjust to oyal life before marrying Prince William in 2011, but the couple are often busy with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and preparing for the birth of their third child in April.

"KP [Kensington Palace] is beautiful, but when Meghan wakes up she has nowhere to go, really," the insider added.

"She can’t potter about on the High Street, attend gym classes, or jog around Hyde Park. Instead she is confined to yoga at home or visits to Kate and William in Apartment 1A."