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Fri, 12 Jan, 2018Danielle McCarthy

What you should clean after being sick

What you should clean after being sick

When a family member is ill, it’s natural for everyone else in the house to worry about the germs spreading.

So, if someone has been struck down with the flu, gastro, or any other highly contagious illness, this is what you should clean to stop the spread.

After obvious places like the bathroom, tick these items off your list.

1. Toothbrushes

Either replace the sick person’s toothbrush, or give all of them a good soak in some antibacterial mouthwash overnight (in a separate cup for each). Then just allow them to air dry.

2. Drink bottles

If you re-use drink bottles, now would be a good time to pop them in the dishwasher for a hot wash. You could also try using a sterilising fluid instead if they’re not dishwasher safe.

3. Sheets

Change everybody’s sheets to freshen up the bedrooms and remove any last drops of sweat/snot/vomit that may be present. While you’re there, give all of the pyjamas a wash too.

4. Rubbish bins

Think about where all those snotty tissues, half eaten sandwiches, or bottles of Powerade went. The lid of the bin as well as the base should be cleaned thoroughly post-illness.

5. Touchy spots

What do you do when you’re ill? You stay home, watch TV, eat comfort food and use the bathroom. So after sickness has come and gone, give everything a clean with antibacterial wipes. Think remote controls, mobile phones, doorknobs, light switches and even the fridge door.

What else do you do to rid your home of germs after illness? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments.