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16 kitchen tricks foodies will love

16 kitchen tricks foodies will love

If you love cooking (and eating) you can always find ways to make things a little easier, tastier or faster. These food hacks will help you do just that.

1. Make super fluffy ice-cream by whipping in your blender – the air adds more volume.

2. For perfect boiled eggs, make a small hole in the larger end before cooking.

3. Add a marshmallow to your container of brown sugar to stop it from clumping.

4. DIY taco shells by baking tortilla wraps on your oven rack.

5. For perfect oven chips, use an apple slicer for faster cutting.

6. Instead of waiting to squeeze the lemon on after cooking, try grilling your fish on a bed of lemon slices.

7. Freeze lemon slices and water in a muffin tray to use in your water jug with lunch.

8. Slice a mango this way to avoid any wastage.

9. Make your own clear ice cubes by using boiled water instead of tap water.

10. For crispy hash browns at home, use your waffle iron.

11. Like the look of this golden egg? Just shake the egg for three minutes before boiling.

12. Out of chips? Slice tortillas into wedges and crisp up in the oven.

13. Use balls of foil to keep your tacos upright while you melt the cheese.

14. Make the ultimate egg sandwich by cooking the eggs in your waffle iron.

15. Store spices in empty Tic-Tac containers.

16. Keep your ice cream free of ice crystals by storing in a ziplock bag.

What’s your all-time favourite kitchen trick? And who taught it to you? Tell us in the comments below.

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