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Why the Queen Mother clashed with Prince Philip

Why the Queen Mother clashed with Prince Philip

New information has been revealed in a documentary called The Queen Mum: The Reluctant Queen about the Queen Mother and Prince Philip.

Apparently, the duo didn’t get along.

It all started when Prince Philip, wanting to bring the Palace into the future, requested that telephones replace footmen. Footmen used to take messages from one royal to another in the 1950s.

The Queen Mother was a fan of tradition and therefore opposed to Prince Philip’s “progressive” attitude to technology.

One insider revealed to 9Honey:

"The Queen Mother and Prince Philip never really got on."

It didn’t help that Prince Philip wanted to televise the Queen’s coronation. The Queen Mother wasn’t a fan of this and tried to stop it from happening.

The 1953 coronation at Westminster Abbey was the first coronation ever to be televised and was watched by 27 million people.

The documentary also claims that the Queen Mother wasn’t happy about moving out of Buckingham Palace and described her new home in Clarence House as “small and horrid”.

Eventually, she grew to love it and threw endless dinner parties.

Biographer Robert Lacey said: "There she was unashamedly harking back to when Britain had an empire – charming, aristocratic, frankly snobbish, no pretence of actually living in the 20th century."

Former equerry Ashe Windham agreed, saying: "There were wall-to-wall guests. It was exhausting work.

"But she was a terrific hostess, and she did like her food. She would scrutinise the menu every day and talk to the chef."

An equerry is an officer of the British royal household who assists members of the royal family.