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The cutest nicknames owners call their pets

The cutest nicknames owners call their pets

The best thing about having a pet, apart from their never-ending love and companionship, is that you can call them anything you want and they’ll usually respond to it based on your tone.

Twitter user and pet owner @metroadlib posted a sweet tweet explaining that while her dog’s name is Cooper, she calls him a range of other things. These names include:

This tweet resonated with a range of pet owners, who were quick to share what names they call their pets (apart from their actual names).

Turns out this is a common practice amongst pet owners, with one owner lamenting that his wife called one of their dogs by a nickname so much that it’s all he responds to now.

This practice isn’t limited to dogs either, as cat owners joined in with their nicknames.

Do you have any nicknames you call your pets? Let us know in the comments!