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Mon, 17 Dec, 2018Tiana Gullotta

Do you think this mum’s Christmas decision is “cruel”?

Do you think this mum’s Christmas decision is “cruel”?

A mother took to social media to ask for advice on a Christmas dinner dilemma, which many horrified users slammed as “cruel”. Do you agree? 

The mum, named Sophie, took to Facebook to ask for advice after wrestling with a difficult Christmas situation.

“[I] feel this may upset some people so apologies in advance if this is a sensitive topic,” began her post.

She explained her financial struggles which have left her family unable to purchase their “usual big Christmas dinner” and asked advice on whether it would be wrong to eat their family pets.

“We live on five acres and have loads of chickens, a goat and a pet pig,” she shared. “Would it be wrong to cook them for Christmas? Not the goat, just two of the chickens and the pig?”

She then added that if they do end up cooking the family pets, should she tell her children or not say anything and just replace them when they have the money?

There was an array of different opinions regarding the matter, with many people saying they believed there was nothing wrong with eating the animals on their farm and that the kids should be aware that it’s a “part of life”.

One user shared, “We knew as kids that the lambs we ate used to be the ones we fed and played with at our uncle’s farm.”

Another wrote, “I think you should do what you have to, if that’s your option then take it.”

But others found it “cruel” and disturbing. “I’d never eat a pet. How cruel to the kids losing a member of the family for one meal,” one user responded.

While another added, “I think I’d rather have a veggie Christmas than eat my pets.”

What do you think about this mother’s Christmas dinner dilemma? Share your thoughts with in the comments below.