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Couple welcomes “miracle” baby after losing two kids in horror car crash

Couple welcomes “miracle” baby after losing two kids in horror car crash

A US couple who lost two of their children in a horrifying car crash in July have welcomed their “miracle” baby boy.

Crystal and Brad Sparks are thanking the heavens for their “precious gift” after they endured an unthinkable tragedy just three months ago. 

"Nixon comes to us at a time of great distress for our family," Brad wrote in an emotional social media post that was announcing the newborn's birth.

"While in our hours of sorrow and tears of sadness at missing Bailey and Landon, the Lord in this grace has given us a bright light of hope and goodness with Nixon."

Crystal was seven months pregnant while driving from Antonio, Texas, to their home in San Diego.

I guess I missed National Daughters Day... Cameryn and Sadie- I’m so thankful I still have you. You are both beautiful...

Posted by Crystal Sparks on Saturday, September 26, 2020

Sadly, she lost control of the car with her husband Brad, 42, and their six children Cameryn, 14, Bailey, 12, Landon, 10, Sadie, 7, Jackson, 5, and Wilson, 3, riding along with her.

Bailey and Landon died at the scene of the crash, while the other children and their unborn baby survived. 

"Last Sunday morning, as we lay trapped in our car in the dark, upside down and in shock, I wondered if thats how we would die," Crystal wrote in a sad Facebook post after the accident.

"Brad was quick to start checking on the kids - calling out their names. Sadie was able to tell us that she could see Landon outside of the car but his eyes were closed, but that Bailey was missing."

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Crystal's aunt Kimberly Piccolo Correia also made a post on social media to share that the accident was one of the mosto social media photos of the children, noting that the accident was one of the most "horrific" the area has ever seen. 

“After being suspended upside down, a few of the kids were able to release themselves from their seat belts but the parents were completely stuck with no room to move," she writes. "Brad used his Apple Watch to call 911 but he was stuck unable to move an inch for well over one and a half until authorities used the Jaws of Life to get him out."

Ms Correia claims it was a miracle that any of the family survived and baby Nixon was unharmed. 

"It is a miracle that six of the eight family members were able to walk away from this horrific accident," she wrote on a crowdfunding page set up to help the family.

"They are now beginning the slow process of recovery."

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Close family friend Abe Daher echoed this sentiment in an interview with TODAY Parents.  "It really is a miracle," he said. "Crystal's body protected him."

"If you saw the way the car looked, you'd never believe six people walked away. The passenger compartment was crushed to the size of a backpack."

Last month, Crystal shared a heartbreaking tribute to Bailey on National Daughter's Day.

"I think it hurts a little more each day. You and Munch left such a hole in my heart. Love you sweet girl," she wrote on Facebook.

"Can you maybe ask a God for a favor... can you ask Him to let this little boy come sooner than later please? This mama's body is tired and worn out. It's so bittersweet as i think more on him being here, but without you."