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Wed, 20 Feb, 2019Joanita Wibowo

Woman's hilarious fashion fail goes viral: “Definitely something I would do!”

Woman's hilarious fashion fail goes viral: “Definitely something I would do!”

A blogger and mum-to-be has gone viral for her all-too-relatable mistake.

Lori Farrell, who is currently expecting a baby girl, shared her fashion fail story on Friday in a self-deprecating Facebook post. Included was a picture of her wearing what appeared to be a striped skirt.

She wrote in the caption, "If you feel like a failure today, just know that I wore a car seat cover a friend gave me because I thought it was a skirt."

The post has now gone viral, with more than 36,000 comments and 64,000 shares at the time of writing.

Farrell revealed to Motherly how she mistook the cover for women's attire. 

"A friend of mine had given me a huge lot of baby stuff, from clothes to baby carriers to a rocker and blankets, and when I pulled it out I was not sure what it was," said Farrell, who told HuffPost that she is expecting her first child in June.

"I debated it but washed it anyway then decided because of the way it pulled on the side it must be a maternity skirt."

She put on the ambiguous item before she headed to work. At the office, she grew curious and searched the brand, only to find out that the item in question was in fact a "Mom Boss 4-in-1 Multi-Use Cover", which is to be used to cover car seats and shopping carts.

Commenters laughed along with Farrell, with some reassuring her that she was working the 'skirt' just fine.

"If it makes you feel better, I INTENTIONALLY did this a few times! I think it looks cute!" one wrote.

"This is awesome and you look great in it anyhow," another added.

"Definitely something I would do!” someone else chimed in.

The seat cover brand, Itzy Ritzy, also applauded Farrell’s post as "the best thing we’ve seen maybe ever".

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