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Mon, 17 Dec, 2018Over60

Melania Trump unveils surprising new hair colour

Melania Trump unveils surprising new hair colour

During a rare interview with FOX News last week, Melania Trump showed off a surprising new look.

The First Lady of the United States and former model has strayed away from her ombre-coloured hair with a striking blonde look for the Christmas season.

The colour change, which may have been inspired by her step-daughter Ivanka Trump, was hinted at earlier in December when Melania was spotted with blonde highlights.

Hair expert Kyle White told InStyle, “The best way to transition from brunette to blonde is in multiple stages.”

"The lighter, honey blonde color is a softer look on the First Lady," he added of the hue.

Fans were quick to comment on her new look, with some saying that Melania looks unrecognisable with the new colour.

During the interview, Melania criticised “opportunists” who she believes are “using my name or my family name to advance themselves".

Speaking on her relationship with her President husband, she said: “I follow what’s going on. And I give my husband advice and my honest opinion. And sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn’t.”

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