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How this woman found her diamond ring will restore your faith that miracles do happen

How this woman found her diamond ring will restore your faith that miracles do happen

Once you lose a diamond ring in a busy car park, there’s no going back.

And that’s exactly what happened to Shelley Wells, who dropped her prized possession in a Louisiana car park in the US on December 5.

Despite the item of jewellery being small, Shirley Ross, who was also in the same car park on the same day, stumbled across the ring.

She discovered the diamond ring as she was getting out of her car, and luckily for Wells, Ross was adamant on returning it to its rightful owner.

It was an innocent blunder, as Wells took off her ring to apply hand cream as she sat in her car.

She placed the ring on her lap, and forgetting that it was there, she got out of the car and dropped it.

The ring was a 20th-anniversary present from her husband.

She soon realised the sentimental item was missing and went back to the car park to look for it, but unfortunately, had no luck.

Speaking to local news station KTAL, Wells said: “That night I got into bed and I said, ‘OK, I’m going to post it on Facebook’.”

She took to social media to ask about her ring at 10:19pm, hoping desperately for a response.

With Ross having the ring in her possession, she thought to hand it to the store staff, so they could take care of it, but then a voice inside her told her to track down the owner herself.

“As I looked at the ring, I said, ‘No, I can’t, I must pursue this,” she said.

“I must find the owner of this ring.”

Coincidentally, Ross was in this exact position before, as she had also taken off her wedding ring in a parked car and lost it.

Unfortunately, Ross never found her ring, but that made her more determined to help deliver this one back to the woman who lost it.

Ross’s daughter posted on Facebook exactly one minute after Wells at 10:20 pm about the found ring as she tried her best to find the owner.

Wells, who’s post was shared over 3200 times, reached out to Ross by December 6.

And a few short hours later, the ring was back in her hands.

“Thank you to the most wonderful lady who saw it in the parking lot and was honest enough [to] turn it in!” she wrote on Facebook.

“I truly have been gifted a Christmas miracle!!”