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How the Queen conveys messages through her eclectic outfits

How the Queen conveys messages through her eclectic outfits

The Royal Family often use their wardrobes and fashion choices to reflect a statement, or even share messages without having to say anything. 

It is a move flagrantly used by the Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex, who usually go out of their way to wear local designers and emblems when they are on royal tours overseas. 

However it is not just the younger royals who use their wardrobes to convey a message as the Queen has used her brooches, hats and other accessories to make a statement for decades. 

On Wednesday, Her Majesty wore a striking purple coat and dress with a matching hat while visiting the Royal British Legion Industries Village in Kent. 

It is one of a series of events the Royal Family will be attending in commemoration of Remembrance Day. 

Along with the stylish outfit, the royal wore a shining amethyst brooch that once belonged to Queen Victoria’s mother. 

HELLO! magazine noted the brooch can be interpreted as a gesture of comfort for the veterans, and the gem in general is viewed as a stone for alleviating sadness and grief during a period of mourning. 

It is also a stone perceived to be one of peace, with a calming presence, and even protection against harm. 

However, it could just be possible the Queen enjoyed the colour of the brooch as she is one for colour coordinating. 

The most senior royal has worn the brooch previously for military-related occasions, including a visit to the Poppy Factory and a Walking with the Wounded reception.

Royal sleuths love to consider the statements the Queen is making by what accessories she wears, and the speculation rammed up when the US President visited the UK. 

It did not go unnoticed that the day Donald Trump landed in the UK, the monarch sported a brooch that had been given to her by former president Barack Obama.

It is nicknamed the American State Visit Brooch, and was hand selected by the Obamas to give to Queen Elizabeth during their State Visit to the UK in 2011. 

While the royal did opt for a different accessory when she officially met with Trump, royal watchers were convinced that Obama’s gift was a deliberate choice. 

On the second day of the president's visit, she wore a Sapphire Jubilee Brooch -  a gift from Canada. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see the Queen’s brooches that royal watchers say are a “message.”