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Fri, 22 Jun, 2018Danielle McCarthy

The Kmart jumper “blunder” that has left shoppers divided

The Kmart jumper “blunder” that has left shoppers divided

A Kmart shopper has taken to Facebook to share the ‘error’ she spotted on her son’s new jumper.

On the Facebook forum Kmart Mums, the mum shared a photo of her three-year-old in a jumper from the retail store that had been given to him by his grandmother.

Hundreds of shoppers have debated over the ‘glaring error’ since it was initially shared online – do you think Kmart got it wrong?

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The astronomy themed jumper, which features a dinosaur, has ‘east’ and ‘west’ printed on the opposite sides.

Some members of the group said the mistake was “obvious”, while one customer admitted they had purchased the item without noticing the error: “OMG I bought this today and didn’t even notice.”

One user slammed Kmart for the mix-up and suggested for the designers to “look at a compass”.

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However, the reason why east and west are reversed on a sky map is because the map shows the sky as you look away from earth, whereas a geographic map shows the Earth from above looking down. 

Therefore, east and west are correctly switched around. 

Some social media users realised that the jumper did not have an error and said the astrological map was correct “when looking at the stars”.

One person wrote: “It’s a star map – it’s correct!”

Another asked: “Did no one here learn about constellations and maps when they were in school?”

Did you initially think there was an error on the jumper? Let us know in the comments below.