Mon, 12 Mar, 2018Danielle McCarthy

People share the hilarious lies their parents told them growing up

People share the hilarious lies their parents told them growing up

Growing up, most children are victims of their parents telling them a few white lies in order to keep their behaviour in check.

From generation to generation these “sayings” get passed down in order to make parenting a bit easier.

Now, a Twitter user has asked people to share the lies that their parents tricked them into believing when they were younger.

Twitter user @Tonitone started the conversation by sharing the hilarious lie her Dad used to tell her.

“Have your folks ever told you something as a child that was totally false, in an attempt to stop you from doing something?” she wrote.

“When I was 6, I used to pick my navel and my Dad told me that if bacteria goes in, it would travel through my umbilical chord vessels and attack my guts….”

Many people responded to the question, sharing their own examples of crazy fibs they believed.

One user wrote, “My mom told me it was illegal to turn on the light inside the car while it’s moving. Found out at 22 that that was a lie.”

Another said, “My Dad told me whenever the ice-cream van was playing music it meant they’d ran out.”

One shared, “My dad used to tell me that if I went to sleep with socks on they would unravel in the night and I'd wake up with balls of wool for feet.”

One user confessed, “Bmt my whole family used to tell us that if you sit too close to the tv you will get square eyes. & I believed this with my whole life.”

There were also a few food related lies that got shared in the conversation.

“My mum used to tell me if you eat hot cake fresh out the oven you get diarrhoea,” one Twitter user wrote.

What lie were you told as a child? Did you tell your children any white lies when they were growing up? Tell us in the comments below.