Tue, 13 Feb, 2018Danielle McCarthy

The optical illusion that can break your brain

The optical illusion that can break your brain

There is a new optical illusion known as the McCollough Effect that is breaking brains across the internet.

This illusion is like the white and gold or black and blue dress that went viral a few years ago, however, scientists have warned that staring at these images could have a longer-lasting impact on your mind.

To trigger the McCollough Effect, one must stare at the coloured vertical and horizontal lines for three minutes each before staring at black and white lines.

After a while, viewers will be tricked into thinking that the black and white lines are coloured, and they may appear as red, green or pink.

In 1975, a study found that the McCollough Effect made some people still see black and white as green and red up to three months after viewing the illusion.

Apparently staring at the original coloured images again at a 90-degree angle anti-clockwise returns vision back to normal in half the time it normally would.

Proceed with caution! Below is the optical illusion for those who want to try it for themselves.