Tue, 14 Nov, 2017Georgia Dixon

“People have died”: Shock new Scientology claims

“People have died”: Shock new Scientology claims

Ever since leaving the Church of Scientology, actress Leah Remini hasn’t been shy about criticising the controversial organisation, but her latest allegations have revealed a dark side to the church.

In her documentary series Scientology and the Aftermath, the King of Queens actress lifted the lid on Narconon, a substance abuse treatment facility backed by the church and claimed to be a front for conversion.

“Scientology advertises that they’re going to give you individualised drug counselling,” noted Scientology journalist Tony Ortega told Remini on the show. “And they’re very careful never to tell you that you won’t be talking about drugs at all. You’re just getting Scientology training.”

The treatment offered by the facility is billed as a 25-day sauna program, but if people enter the treatment with certain pre-existing health conditions, it can result in further health complications and even death.

“They go into this 25-day sauna program where they’re being baked, you know, four or five hours a day," Ortega explains. “Well, these parents, before sending their loved ones to Narconon, should be checking it out before putting them into a risky situation. It’s risky, it’s bad, and several people have died.”

Despite this, lawyers for Narconon have denied the damning claims, boasting a 91 per cent success rate.