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Untreated hearing loss could cost you dearly

Untreated hearing loss could cost you dearly

From testing to hearing aids to other assistive devices, anyone with hearing loss knows just how costly ear healthcare can be. But as significant as these expenses are, the hidden costs of untreated hearing loss is greater. There’s much more at stake than a few missed conversations, but a physical and emotional toll that affects all facets of your life.

There’s an increased risk of depression

A 2014 study by the US National Institutes of Health found that there was a strong link between hearing impairment and depression, finding that hearing loss tends to isolate people from friends and family due to the decreased ability communication. As communicating is vital to mental health, this decreased ability can lead to anger, frustration and loneliness, all feelings of disconnection that can impact one’s psychological wellbeing and overall health.

It can affect relationships

Hearing loss can cause stress and friction at home, especially when hearing loss is left untreated. Family relationships and activities are often affected when someone finds it too difficult to communicate, which may lead to them withdrawing from daily activities all together.

Link to dementia

Researchers at Johns Hopkins and the National Institute on Aging found that hearing loss could be a risk factor for the development of dementia. The study compared two groups of adults – one group with normal hearing and another with impaired hearing, finding that there was a correlation between hearing loss and brain shrinkage.

Suffering with stigma

Many people suffering from hearing loss often don’t get treated because of the enduring social stigma attached to hearing loss. A survey by Cochlear of more than 1,200 Australian adults found that 52 per cent of those suffering hearing loss have not doing anything about their impairments due to a perceived stigma. Thus, people are often suffer needlessly for years before finding help.

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