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Why the size of your glasses matters

Why the size of your glasses matters

It can be frustrating when you’ve picked up your news glasses only to find the frame presses against your head or the glasses keep slipping down your nose. Getting the right pair of glasses isn’t just about the right prescription, finding a comfortable frame is also key to enjoying relaxed and (almost) perfect vision. So if you’ve ever suffered buyer’s remorse after a glasses purchase, here are the tips to follow so you always get the perfect fit for your new glasses.

The lens

In general, the thinner and lighter the lens, the more comfortable the spectacles will be to wear. If possible, choose a thinner lens so your glasses won’t feel as heavy on the nose and ears.

The nose bridge

As one of the few points of contact with your face, it’s important to carefully consider the comfort of the glasses’ nose bridge. You want the nose pads to sit solidly on your nose, otherwise they can quickly lose their grip and keep sliding down.

The sides

The sides of your spectacles shouldn’t press into your temples. Some people mistakenly believe pressure means the glasses fit properly, but there should never be any heaviness felt on the temples. You might feel some pressure behind the ear, but that’s ok as this keeps the weight of the glasses from being borne wholly by your nose.

The frame

As a general rule, when you look through your glasses it should be at the middle of the lens. The top of the frame should sit below the eyebrows but above the fold of the eye and the frame should not be much wider than your face.