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"Only the good die young": Tragic twist in honeymoon death

"Only the good die young": Tragic twist in honeymoon death

The newlywed bride who died in a tragic golf buggy incident on Hamilton Island was due to get married last year but instead it was delayed because of Covid. 

Marina Hanna, 29, and husband Robbie Morgan were due to get married on July 24, 2021 but because of lockdown and density limits they decided to delay their ceremony. 

But it wasn't until June 11, 2022, that the loved-up pair were finally able to say their vows in a lavish ceremony at Sydney’s Doltone House.

The newlyweds then finally made their way to Queensland’s Hamilton Island for their honeymoon. 

The pair were travelling on a golf buggy - the main form of transportation on the island on June 20 when Morgan did a U-turn, causing the buggy to tip over.

A doctor, off-duty dentist and off-duty firefighter rushed to the scene and desperately performed CPR for 35 minutes on Marina, who unfortunately could not be revived.

“(This) is proof that the good die young,” Robbie’s brother Matty said of Marina’s passing.

Queensland Police Inspector Anthony Cowan announced in a press conference that Marina was not wearing a seatbelt while in the buggy.

“It was just a tragic accident with a golf buggy,” he said.

“There may have been some inexperience driving those type of vehicles while turning it has rolled on its side and the woman has fallen out and sustained life-threatening injuries.”

“It just appears inexperience in driving that type of vehicle, turned too quick and rolled on its side and unfortunately, it has ended up with this result.

“It appears there was no seatbelt worn at this point in time; we come back to the Fatal Five but now is not the time to dwell on what they should have done.”

Inspector Cowan confirmed that no drugs, alcohol or dangerous driving caused the accident.

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