How to: Dating with confidence

How to: Dating with confidence

Marina’s advice on dating with confidence will assist you to begin to make changes in the way you believe, think and feel about yourself so you can begin moving towards fulfilling your love goal with confidence.

Confidence equals attraction

Confidence has been attributed to the greatest attraction factor for both men and women. So let’s start by becoming clear about what confidence is. Basically confidence is being comfortable in your own skin – confidence reflects what you think and feel about your abilities. Therefore, I know my worth, I know my life matters, I know how to promote my internal assets and more importantly I pursue my goals with passion and purpose. Confidence is not about trying to be like others – confidence is accepting yourself as you are and allowing your uniqueness to shine.

Know your worth

So, what it is the fastest way to increase your confidence? Knowing that your life has meaning and that your contributions to the world are of value is one of the quickest and fastest ways to increase your confidence. But confidence is not something we can fake. It is a feeling we give out to others – people feel what we think and believe about ourselves. A common mistake many people make when they begin dating is that they only focus on their external assets; their hair, going to the gym, losing weight, buying a new wardrobe or a new car, Botox and the list goes on. Although good looks, sexy clothes and a great body may attract men and women to you it is no guarantee that they will fall in love with you or want to establish a long term relationship. Research informs us that men do not necessarily fall in love with the prettiest and sexiest of women and not all women fall for the best looking guy (or the one with the most money).

Tips to increase your Dating Confidence

Let go of past relationships and attachments: 

This is one of the biggest reasons why people prevent the right partner from finding them. They are still emotionally attached to a past love/s.

Make a list of your strengths and your good qualities:

Become clear about why you are a great catch and more importantly why you will no longer accept anything less than what you deserve. Remember having something is not better than having nothing; particularly when it comes to love.

Break free from your comfort zone: 

Are you still doing the same thing you always have to find the love of your life? Then the chances are high that you will keep attracting the same type of person or situation.

Re-evaluate and then re-create your “must-list”:

Think about what is on your ‘must have’ list when it comes to a partner. Then look honestly at yourself and identify what qualities you could still do some work on to strengthen. Then take positive steps to become the best you can be to attract the person you would like in your life. Remember, like attracts like!

Spend time with friends that celebrate you:

The calmer and happier you are, the more confident you will feel about attracting your special person. The way people treat us directly impacts on our self-esteem.

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Written by Marina Bakker. Republished with permission of Wyza.com.au.