Cat makes incredible transformation after heartbreaking abuse

Cat makes incredible transformation after heartbreaking abuse

WARNING: Disturbing images

Little Muffin, who was found just moments from death has made an incredible transformation. 

The cat, who was too weak to fight any resistance, was gently picked up by a kind Samaritans when they noticed his back legs were completely “dead” because whipper snipper cords had been tied around his legs and had since cut off circulation. 

Muffin also had burns on his tummy that vets suspected to be cigarette burns. 

Alexus, the man who found the feline, said there is no doubt in his mind Muffin had been tortured. 

“This was a serial killer or sociopath in the making,” Mr De Latora told Yahoo News Australia. 

“[It was] evil beyond evil”.

After Muffin was rushed to a nearby vet in Western Sydney, images captured of the suffering animal was widely shared across social media. 

The young cat’s leg has since been amputated and was handed to a Sydney-based pet rescue, Cat Rescue 901. His vet bills were covered by the help of wonderful donors. 

Despite the heartbreaking torture Muffin faced, Cat Rescue 901’s co-founder Jenny Storaker said the cat has a sweet demeanour. 

“Muffin is absolutely divine and such a perfect pet,” she told Yahoo News Australia. 

“[He’s] super-duper affectionate. [All he wants is] to sleep in someone’s arms.”

Muffin has since been adopted into a loving home where he is spoilt “silly.”