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Aussie woman swallows glass after eating supermarket ravioli

Aussie woman swallows glass after eating supermarket ravioli

An Adelaide woman has ingested glass and been hospitalised after eating vegan ravioli. As Sarah Crawley and her partner Ryan Abblitt sat down for dinner, Sarah felt a crunch in her mouth and figured it was a natural product from I Pastai.

“I kept chewing it, thinking it was a seed of some sort, or pepper, but when I realised it was sharp and had cut my mouth ... I reached in and it was a piece of glass,” she told

Sarah thought that was the end of the glass issue until her partner had to drive her to the hospital at 9:30pm. It was there she was diagnosed with internal bleeding from suspected glass ingestion.

“The pain was so intense, they put me on oxycodone,” she said.

“My stools were black, which the nurses said was because of internal bleeding. It was pretty sh*t.

“It definitely isn’t how I wanted to start my New Year.”

Sarah felt like the word needed to be spread to stop people from accidentally ingesting glass like she had, so she reached out to the company, I Pastai.

After several days of waiting for a return phone call, Sarah was contacted, and her concerns were immediately dismissed.

“He straight up denied it was glass, or that it was his product that had done this to me,” she said.

Luckily, her partner Ryan had taken a photo of the pasta packaging and the glass was baked into a piece of ravioli, which he quickly sent off to the customer representative.

“We were told it could be rosemary root — which is weird as hell, because it is super obviously glass in the photo,” Ryan said.

The company owner, Luca Galverna, explained to the couple that foreign objects in processed foods are common.

In an email, he wrote: “It would be great if you kept the packaging (to see the lot number or expiry date) and a receipt of the purchase of the product. This could have helped us better follow up your enquiry."

Luca's message continued, “Without this valuable information, it becomes quite impossible to work out if something could have gone wrong and where.

“We don’t have any glass or glass utensils or equipment on premises. If it was a small shred of Rosemary root (happened in the past), or a piece of plastic shred or a metal screw, we could eventually be called in fault, but being glass, it’s impossible.”

Ryan was dissatisfied with this response and posted what happened to Sarah on Facebook, where he was met with replies from others that this had happened to.

Eamonn Parsons had suffered from the same problem.

“Like Sarah, it wasn’t until I started eating it and something went crunch,” he told 

“I thought it was pepper at first, but it didn’t take long to realise it wasn’t. It was much too hard, like chewing gravel or sand.

“It was only a couple of shards, but definitely noticeable.”

However, the company owner replied back on Facebook saying that the shards of glass might have been from the “accrual tray where we pack our products”.

I Pastai is investigating the incident internally, according to a company spokesman.

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