Alec Baldwin shares story of touching act of kindness from a stranger

Alec Baldwin shares story of touching act of kindness from a stranger

In a candid video shared on Instagram, Alec Baldwin spoke about a random act of kindness from a stranger that he experienced soon after the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie Rust in October 2021.

Describing it as the “worst situation I’ve ever been involved with”, Baldwin went on to recall an encounter with a kind stranger he met in a cafe soon after the incident.

"A young woman, a senior in high school or maybe she was in college, she walked by with a guy and she handed me a packet of Splenda and on the perimeter of the package, there was a modest amount of space to write on.

“She wrote me a note on both sides of the package, and it was, 'So many people care about you,' or something… it really very kind and very thoughtful.”

Baldwin continued, "It was really so amazing that she handed me this Splenda packet. And I said, 'Oh thank you'. And she left. And I was sitting there and took it home, I was going to photograph it … and I lost it."

He said he was “overwhelmed” by her kindness but lost the packet, soon becoming “obsessed” with finding it. "I searched for it yesterday, like you would search for your phone or your keys or your wallet. I was obsessed with finding it, I'm still obsessed with finding it, because I want to screenshot it.”

He finished, "If you are the young woman that gave me the Splenda packet at John Pappas the other day, then send me a message here, because I was so grateful for it. It was so lovely. It meant so much to me… it meant a lot to me."

The actor thanked his fans who have supported him since the tragedy, adding that he was hopeful that “the truth” would soon prevail. "This has been surely the worst situation I've ever been involved with and I'm very hopeful that the people in charge with investigating this whole thing get to the truth as soon as possible.

“No one wants the truth more than I do."

Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images