The number of nuts you should eat every day

The number of nuts you should eat every day

Did you know that what many of us refer to as “nuts” aren’t actually nuts at all?

Most people know that peanuts are imposters. There just a savoury snack making us thirst and dehydrated since the dawn of time.

But turns out almonds, cashews, coconuts, pecans, pistachios, macadamias and walnuts aren’t actually nuts either – they’re drupe seeds.

But despite the change in name, it still proven that they’re great for our health, with one study proving that those who ate a handful of nuts everyday are likely to live longer than those who didn’t.

However, it’s important to manage and moderate. So take a look below on how many nuts you should be consuming per day.

According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, a daily serving of nuts equates to 30g. This is how many individual nuts equal to that amount.

  • Almonds: 20-30
  • Brazil nuts: 10
  • Cashews: 15
  • Hazelnuts: 20
  • Macadamias: 15
  • Peanuts: 40
  • Pecans: 15
  • Pine nuts: Two tablespoons
  • Pistachios: 30
  • Walnuts: 10 (whole or 20 walnut halves)