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Podcast hosts slammed for disgusting remarks about women's postpartum bodies

Podcast hosts slammed for disgusting remarks about women's postpartum bodies

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The male hosts of a concerning new podcast have received major backlash over comments made claiming they’d leave their future wife if she didn’t lose weight after giving birth.

Brothers Anthony Casasanta and Nick Casasanta launched “The No Filter Pod” earlier this month with friend Jason Girratano – describing it as “the most blunt podcast in the world”.

While their show is deliberately “controversial”, many are condemning the show over comments made by Anthony about a potential future wife’s body after she gives birth to his child.

The comments have been quickly gone viral, with women branding them “disgusting”, “horrendous” and “God awful”.

In a statement issued to, “The No Filter Pod” said the comments had been taken “out of context” but doubled down on the controversial remarks.

“We just don’t want our wives to be obese. We feel as if society promotes obesity which is a very unhealthy and uncomfortable way of living.

“We promote healthy lifestyles here at NoFilterPod. It’s also not only about weight gain after childbirth, it’s also about mental health as well as the physical health. We feel like it’s very important to hold spouses both men and women to a high standard.”

The backlash was sparked by the men themselves, who all play NFL in the US, after they shared the clip on TikTok, asking: “Is this too much?”

“If my wife lets herself go after I have kids with her, I’m going to tell her once,” Anthony tells Nick and Jason.

“‘If you don’t get your sh*t together, because I still want to be sexually attracted to my wife, my spouse, but if you can’t do that, I’m out’.”

The guys said they were prepared a negative reaction but received an avalanche of a response, predominantly condemning the view and labelling it “misogynistic”.

“We really feel as the video was taken out of context,” the trio said in a statement.

“We will not be apologising.”

Women have fought back in droves, with many creating videos in response to the clip, while others flooded the guys social media feeds with their thoughts forcing the podcast hosts to turn off comments.

“Where is the respect, the love, the admiration for his partner. I actually feel sorry for him. Clearly he has no idea what love is,” one woman said.

As one simply stated: “I can’t even comment on this cus the outrage is just UNREAL.”

Comments on the guys’ personal Instagram accounts, which haven’t yet been disabled, displayed a similar response.

“You’ve made a fool of yourself and you’ve made an already foolish world more worrisome,” one raged.

“Why are you turning off your comments? yallll are a joke and can’t take the heat,” another lamented.

Anthony, Nick and Jason have claimed they are receiving death threats over the outcry but have continued to post clips on TikTok on topics surrounding cheating, “fitness chicks” and female vs male value.

According to the boys, girls who workout are “superior to all women”, calling them “top of the line”.

They also reckon “girls cheat more than guys” and women seek “financial security from their husbands” citing that all they ask for in return is that “you don’t sleep around with like 50 other dudes”.

These statements have obviously not gone down well, with words such as “repulsive”, “vile” and “red flag” being used to describe them in the comments.